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Bourchier, Humphrey gravestone drawing

Picture Note: This is the drawing of the Top of Sir Humphrey Bourchiers tomb in Westminster Abbey. It is in St Edmunds chapel. The Latin inscription can be translated:
Picture Note:
Picture Note: Behold lying here the warrior at Barnet, eager for fierce fights; he fights like Eacides [another name for Achilles]; the knight is wounded on all sides; he falls smitten; Mars brings him a wound; his armour spattered in many places with blood grows red. Lo, the tearful grief of the hour. He falls, indeed, from the light, whither Christ rose from the dead. Humphrey Bourgchier, sprung from the glorious line of King Edward, called the Third, the son and heir of John, Lord Berners. And lo, Edward the Fourth has the triumph in the battle, in which Humphrey dies a true servant of the king. He was an attendant at the table of the king's wife Elizabeth; so his virtue grows with honour; once this man was distinguished in arms and dear to Britons; ask in your prayers that he may live in heaven
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Linked toSir Humphrey Bourchier, Knight, 1st and last Lord Bourchier of Cromwell (Burial)

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